Solutions and services

fermacell AESTUVER is the perfect partner whenever industrial or OEM customers are seeking tailor-made fire-protection and structural engineering solutions for special applications.

With their tried-and-tested fire-protection and moisture-resistance properties, fermacell board materials are an excellent product for industrial applications.

The fire-protection requirements, the geometry of the construction elements, and the product-specific requirements of our industrial and OEM customers are factors that decide on the shape, processing stage and packaging of the used products.

Our own AESTUVER element workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, so the board materials can be cut to size and machined to suit each customer's specifications.

Production is however not limited to pre-cut boards. Pre-fabricated fitting pieces and elements can also be produced. The board materials are cut to size, calibrated and put together, and then packed into packaging units and labelled as specified by the customer, and finally shipped. Pilot or indicative fire tests can also be carried out as a first step of checking new fire safety concepts for their reliability.

This is what the AESTUVER element workshop offers you:

  • Boards cut to size to meet your precise specifications
  • Complex CNC machining
  • Pre-fabricated fire-protection elements for all types of applications
  • Boreholes or cut openings
  • Customer-specific order picking
  • Pilot / Indicative fire tests