Cladding for structural members

Safe fire-protection cladding for steel components

In order to ensure the structural integrity of a building even in the case of fire, beams and columns must be protected against excessively high temperatures. AESTUVER fire-protection boards can be used as cladding rated for fire-protection (R15 to R360) that meets European fire safety requirements.

AESTUVER fire-protections boards are weather resistant, frost resistant and water resistant. So they can offer fire-protection solutions for construction elements that have to withstand extreme environmental conditions (climate). The aesthetic surface finish provides for an excellent bond with adhesives and coatings.

Areas of application

  • Cladding for structural members according to EN 13381-4 for structural steels corresponding to EN 10025-1 and steel grades ≥S235
  • Interior and exterior (fully exposed to weather – Type X classification according to ETA-11/0458)

Single-layer solutions

  • Board thickness from 15 to 60 mm

AESTUVER fire-protection boards have been tested in accordance with EN 13381-4 (2013) and classified pursuant to EN 13501. The classification reports are available for download here.

Ratio number of staples/cladding thickness
Stapled cladding for beams and columns can be implemented as follows:

  • Staple spacing 75 mm = greater cladding thickness
  • Staple spacing 50 mm = lesser cladding thickness
  • Screw spacing 150 mm = board thickness 60 mm

The Hamburg Dockland

The Hamburg Dockland

AESTUVER fire-protection boards were able to convincingly demonstrate their fire-protection expertise in the Hamburg Dockland. This project underlines the performance in fire-protection and the resistance to atmospheric corrosion.