Processing guideline

AESTUVER fire-protection boards should be fixed in accordance with the instructions and illustrations in the classification reports. The fixing sizes provided in the reports must be followed.

The following fixings should be considered for mounting AESTUVER fire-protection boards:

  • Staples for cladding thicknesses from 15 to 50 mm 
  • Screws for cladding thicknesses of 60 mm

More information about the fixings can be found in the design details. Directly screwing the AESTUVER fire-protection boards to the steel beam is not permissible.

When selecting fixings, corrosion protection requirements must be considered.

Beam and column details
The allowable profile heights and widths can be found in the classification reports.

Maximum profile width:

  • 600 mm

The maximum profile height can be calculated as follows:

  • 496.5 mm + 2 × width of weld seam + 2 × flange thickness

Flange details

  • Spacing between cladding and flange: 0 to 50 mm

The butt joints of the flanges do not require backing. The joints of the fire-protection cladding do not require sealing.

Nogging dimensions

  • Width: 150 mm
  • Single-layer variant (classification reports R0498a, R0343e, R0459b):
    d = 15 or 20 mm
  • Dual-layer variant (classification reports R0498b, R0459a):
    d = 2 × 15 mm or 2 × 20 mm

Wall and ceiling penetration
For all wall and ceiling penetrations, intermediate cavities must be closed off (A1 rock wool according to EN 13501-1 or other suitable materials).